250+ Metal laminate styles in aluminum, copper, brass and
stainless. Useful for any vertical or light duty horizontal application. Introducing magnetic marker and chalk boards too!

Hermetically sealed, cordless, louvered glass units for doors, windows and spaces - Offers unmatched function and performance

The only source for sculpted quartz basins that are seamless, durable and beautiful. Add the touchless 3-in-1 Washbar for a complete turnkey install. Bradley also offers a full line of bathroom partitions, lockers and washroom accessories.

Bradley Corp

My-Mosaic is a innovative and groundbreaking product for decorative transforming digital images into gorgeous totally customizable mosaics. Interior and exterior applications make My Mosaic limitless!

KriskaDecor - Aluminum chain curtains in 28+ colors.  Create beautiful graphics & solid or alternating colored strand curtains.  Static, stackable or traversing.  Unlimited possibilities !

Recycled Aluminum flooring and stair treads. Available in several larger tile sizes, shapes and patterns and three finishes. Aluminum wall base and custom creations.

A full line of architectural glass including backpainted and colored interlayer glass, magnetic glass boards in any custom color, MPrint digital graphic glass, glass stair treads and flooring, textured and etched patterned glass and antiqued mirror. M3 also offers power privacy glass which goes from clear to opaque with the flip of a switch.

Interlam offers multiple surface options- Art Diffusion sculpted MDF panels and MDF screens designed for a continuous pattern and also a beautiful way to divide space. Super Rock class A fire rated sculpted panels, Solid metal screens laser cut and powder coated to create 100+ options. Forescolor colored through MDF panels that offer durability and beauty. Titan solid surface textured panels.

Stainless steel woven architectural mesh and attachments used for exterior parking structures, building facades, sunscreens, interior landscape dividers, wall panels, ceilings and elevator cabs. Beautiful and durable, while still being affordable. Complete engineering and design assistance makes  W.S. Tyler a global leader in architectural mesh!

Akupanel wood panels with the added benefit of superior sound absorption. Acoustic embossed ceiling and wall tiles and panels that can have any custom graphic.


Fitnice woven vinyl tiles, rubber flooring, recycled leather tiles, Object carpet tiles, artificial turf and Woven vinyl wall covering. So many flooring options from one source!

Prefinished composite wood veneer with phenolicbacker. Large selection for a very exotic look!

Lightweight Polycarbonate curtains and panels suitable for interior and exterior applications. Unlimited panel sizes allow for dividing larges spaces and covering huge facades. Lockable curtains, lighting fixtures, stair panels, ceiling elements- Your applications are endless!



Through experience and vision, SpecReps delivers striking results. 

A boutique line of high pressure laminates from the makers of Chemetal/Treefrog with more then 75 patterns and textures.

Interlam Acoustical Art Concepts